Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 6, 2008 at 11:14am

Bonus! Not only is new potato-green bean salad tasty when you first serve it (which I just did for the 4th), but it makes a killer salad Nicoise the next day – toss fresh greens with a bit of vinaigrette, top with potatoes and green beans, add hard-cooked egg, olive-oil packed canned tuna, black olives (like Nicoise!), et voila. Good stuff.

And oh, speaking of delicious leftovers, I treated myself to chilaquiles for breakfast yesterday morning, made from the chips and creamy-spicy salsaStacebrought from Taco Morelos. I dipped about five chips in salsa so they were completely coated, laid them side-by-side to cover a small plate, then microwaved them until they were warmed through and softened. Topped with an over-easy egg to finish – oh Lord, deadly good stuff. (I get on these Mexican food kicks and have to wean myself, otherwise all I want to eat is guacamole and chilaquiles – this latest craving started with dinner at La Cucaracha with Chris Follett this past Thursday night…; pic is from Too Many Chefs.)

Today, the goal is moderating back to moderation. Yeah. Good thing my fridge is bustin’ with tasty LaFinca veggies to make the transition pretty sweet – salad greens, bok choy, icicle radishes, scallions. With herbs from my pots outside, I’d say a big salad is in order for lunch. (Although I admit, I’m still thinking about those damn chilaquiles…)

Moderate it: hey, the party’s over, but that’s OK. Keep the good stuff (like new potato-green bean salad), toss the less good stuff (those tortilla chips are now GONE), and make something healthy AND delicious to get back on track.

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