Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 2, 2006 at 8:47pm

Feliz Cumpleanos Kimmy!

More of the same, I have to say. Family fun in the sun. And it really stands out to me, it means alot, because there have been some seriously melancholy 4th of July weekends in my life. So to have Tom, Val, and the kids here, and today Stacey and Cooper, I’m telling you, it’s particularly wonderful for me. We are having so much fun together, I love seeing the cousins running through the house, shrieking with laughter. I love piling all of us at the dining room table, eating together. It reminds me of how much fun I had with Stace and my cousins MaryBeth, Grant, and Blake. Running wild in Clara City, where my grandparents lived, playing flashlight tag, swimming at the CC pool, or running wild at Lake Florida (pictured, me, at Nathan’s age), swimming and lighting sparklers, everywhere eating fried walleye and fried chicken and fried burgers and fried potatoes and fried pancakes. I’m happy with my family around me, I am.

(And, I have to confess, I stole a teeny bit of alone time at the pool today, and that was pretty damn awesome too…)

Tonight we grilled burgers, hot dogs, salmon, and potatoes. With a big salad. And it was all good…

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