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I looooooove to get you started on your health journey, whether you’re new to the autoimmune protocol, losing weight, boosting nutrition, or you just want to cook delicious, healthy food at home.

I think of Healing Green Broth as a rather magical elixir that I (and a lot of you!) buzz up with greens, herbs, bone broth, healthy fat, lemon, and collagen into a warm, deeply nutritious, marvelously flavorful mug of zingy comfort.

I’ve shouted all over social media about how I personally use Healing Green Broth to quell cravings and take care of my skin from the inside out.

But I’ve also received the most wonderful notes from many of you about how you use Healing Green Broth to get over colds, re-energize on a crazy day, fuel-up after a workout, and/or recover from a hangover.

I’ve read them all and you’ve inspired me to create something fun…

…something we can do together to learn to make bone broth, boost energy, drop a few pounds, cook for ourselves, get glowing, and create a nourishing, daily ritual.

I’ve called it the Healing Green Broth 30-Day Challenge. And it’s free!

Click through to sign up and right away you’ll receive the first of four emails with bone broth recipes and ways to turn it into all sorts of fun variations of Healing Green Broth.

Learn the transformative power of a GREAT condiment – and how to use it in multiple ways – by stealing three of my faves.

Each condiment is nutritious on its own, plus I outline 5 easy, healthy ways to use each one. For you math types, that’s 15 fast meal ideas. For free. See? STEAL!

I am not exaggerating when I say that kickass condiments are at the very core of healthy eating.

Simply prepared meats, fish, vegetables, and starches – the foods that make up a healthy diet – become truly memorable with a great condiment.

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Meal planning changes lives and health, because it MAKES HEALTHY FOOD ACTUALLY HAPPEN.

We all have great intentions, but only the top few percent of us put our healthy intentions into practice.

I’m happy to walk that path with you. I’ve already written and tested the recipes, written the shopping lists, written out instructions for you, and created it all out of real, gluten-free, grain-free, fresh food so that you can easily replicate it.

Try a free plan, see how truly delicious it is to eat healthfully, get a taste (literally) for batch cooking (and more condiments!), and make it happen.

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Have you wanted to try the autoimmune protocol to figure out food sensitivities?

Have you tried but failed to stick with it?

I address both in this free PDF, which is loaded with tips from mindset to cooking.

AIP is incredibly powerful when approached with an open mind, a sense of abundance, and well-loved, family-friendly recipes to make the transition as easy as possible.

You can do it!

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