Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Nov 30, 2007 at 10:42pm

Oh, Happy Friday! You know, one of those Fabulous Friday nights, when you go out with a completely cool couple, previously unknown, and just have an enormously great time? This was one of those Fridays, thanks to Sheri & Darin Lynch (Darin is a basketball/client friend of John’s). Yeah, good times, and good food to boot. Dinner and lots – LOTS – of yummy Foris ’06 Pinot Noir, at Campiello in Eden Prairie. D’Amico, baby, they always know how to do you up, oh yeah. As an appy, we split uber-crispy/spicy calamari, as well as a rich (!), truffly-creamy linguine, mmm. I had a delicious homemade ravioli with roasted chickenand mushrooms, although my true main course was merrily chatting with lovely Sheri, ha. Other dishes ’round the table included gnocchi with slow-roasted pork and taglietelle with bolognese, both of which I was mighty tempted to order myself. All in all, such a fun night, thank you Lynch’s for a lovely dinner! (No, I didn’t bring my camera, and yes, I wish that I had…)

Other than that? I’m thinking John and I need a very serious run to the grocery store tomorrow to stock up for the supposedly-coming snow storm. Soup, soup, soup, to counter the six-to-ten inches of snow…? We’ll see. Nothing will ever compare to the Halloween Blizzard of ’91 (yes, I know how old that makes me sound), when I was young and foolish. Was I lovin’ my curly hair? Unlined face? Unplucked brows? That was literally Halloween Blizzard Weekend, my friends… Hunkered down at my boyfriend’s house, lucky to have arrived in one piece. My car ended up buried outside – looked out the window, it was just…gone – so we went exactly nowhere for the whole weekend. I baked several frozen pizzas and drank quarts of hot chocolate (healthy, ha). Wow, sixteenyears ago, what a difference, ahem, the face she is a-changing (sigh)… Well, anyhow, if it’s going to snow, bring it on. It’ll be the weekend, we just got a pile of wood delivered today, andhey, I even have a Christmas tree! I’m ready.

So, if you’re looking for things to do this snowbound weekend (that don’t include frozen pizzas!)…how ’bout baking Foccacia Bread (pictured above) or Rockin’ Challah ? Or…a batch of Lindsay’s Dipped Gingersnaps? Or... if you’re feeling carnivorous, a buttery, roasted chicken (with or without a Chicko, it’s all good…)? Or…if after a snowy hike, you’re massively craving carbs, Spaghetti All-Amatriciana? Oh, such cozy options, there’s nothing like cooking/baking on a cold, snowy weekend (except perhaps grilling/chilling on a fabulously warm, sunny one, but you know, we Minnesotans take what we can get…). Enjoy!

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