Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Feb 19, 2008 at 7:33pm

Uuuuuugh, huge computer headaches, my head hurts from thinking through all of the problems that keep cropping up. We’re basically functioning – obv – but all the things that make online life pleasant (music, email, photos) are giving me fits. I’m so bummed about what a huge step down I’ve had to take with my email… One good thing – Moderate Epicurean emails ( will now be forwarded right into my regular account, so for those of you who’ve emailed me through the blog and waited, and waited, and waited some more for a response (sorry!) that will no longer happen. But in terms of making my life easier…that’s about it. Blah.

But I still made dinner! I had to send my boys off to the Timberwolves’ game with food in their tummies – if only to prevent the purchase of massive amounts of junk food at the game. We’ll see if I succeeded, ha. As full as I am from quick Shrimp Curry (the recipe is technically for Chicken Curry, but I substituted 1/2 pound of uncooked shrimp, stirred in for a quick simmer a few minutes before serving) – a lovely, warm coconut curry chock full of veggies and shrimp, ladled over fragrant jasmine rice – I can’t even bear the thought of adding a hot dog or popcorn or worse (egads) on top, blech! But, boys will be boys, with stomachs of lead, so who knows? It’s outta my hands at this point…

Must. Get. Off. Computer. If only to preserve my sanity. I’d go for a quick walk, to burn off some stress and move my desk-butt after sitting here struggling all day, but you know… Yep, the same old, same old, cold as a witch’s you know what, blah, blah, blah. Blah!

I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow, I promise – Wild Wednesdays always cheer me up. Cooper Cuteness! What’s not to love? G’night!

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