20.21 = 0 dinner

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 24, 2009 at 5:33pm

I’d say I made a lovely dinner tonight with the bounty of La Finca CSA produce I received yesterday (fennel, dill, broccoli, collards, onions, carrots, strawberries), but no. Not after a late, bountiful lunch at 20.21 with John and Nathan, followed by a not-digestif-enough walk through the Sculpture Garden and the Walker’s permanent exhibit. We shared juicy, pork-filled potstickers; sticky, spicy chicken lettuce cups; chewy noodles studded with silky beef short rib pieces, crunchy bok choy, mushrooms, and asparagus; and spicy-sweet calamari salad. Mmm, all so good that we’re all still stuffed. And so, the veggies will have to wait for tomorrow night.

Except the strawberries – the strawberries are gone baby gone…

Stay tuned for what I’m thinking will be a pasta for tomorrow’s din – I’ll likely saute a bit of pancetta, then the fennel, collards, and onions (separately, chapa-style on the grill) and toss it all with ziti, a handful of fresh herbs, and a generous grating of Parm. A nice way to eat lots of delicious veggies, with a small amount of pasta.

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