BLT’s Baby – ’nuff said

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 14, 2008 at 6:25pm

Thursday Afternoon Lunch/Coffee with Suz? Not quite the same ring as Friday Morning Coffee with Suz, but hey, I haven’t seen Suz for way too long, so she snuck over this afternoon for BLTs (with goooood tomatoes and Nueske’s bacon), chocolate chip cookies, coffee, and chat. John even put in an appearance, post-basketball for a quick shower, and said as he walked in and greeted us, “My wife must be very happy right now.” Aww, he knows my minxes mean the world to me, sniff. Good husband.

Speaking of, John and I are off in a bit for din at Masa – that damn enchilada craving, planted this past weekend in Wyoming, has not left me. Gotta scratch the itch, what can I say? Empanadas from El Meson would have done me too. Ah, next time, always good to have options.

Update: Masa was fabulous! Given my passion (obsession?) for Mexican food, I don’t know why we don’t eat there more often. Delicious, fresh food, beautifully prepared and plated, in a lovely setting to boot. They seem to have turned the lights down inside, BIG improvement (it used to be overly-bright and annoyingly cafeteria-like). We had two small jalapenos rellenos, crispy, spicy, creamy. Also the fat little chicken enchilada pictured above, topped with pickled jalapenos and a drizzle of crema. And my fave dish, carnitas tacos, three little soft, warm corn tortillas filled with tender-crisped pork. Altogether an explosion of textures and flavors, especially when garnished with their smoky chipotle salsa, tart tomatillo salsa, and creamy guacamole. Ole, baby, all the way.

Moderate it: it’s tough with Mexican food, it is. I love it all. At least Masa is about quality, not quantity – the waiter brings a moderate portion of tortilla chips (thank goodness, because have you noticed how easy it is to mindlessly eat chips with salsa? Dangerous…), and in fact all the dishes are served in reasonable portions (no one-pound burritos smothered in a half-pound of cheese here, whew). The guacamole is served with crudite (raw cauliflower, cukes, and radishes), a delicious combination. John and I split everything, skipped dessert, and still walked out, well, pretty stuffed. It could have been worse?

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