East Hampton Does Not Suck, Part I

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Sep 12, 2008 at 8:22am

The Hamptons, at least from my (very limited) perspective, is not about parties, people, or palaces. It’s about the landscape – so lush, so stunning, so not-Minnesota, it takes one’s breath away. I don’t know if it’s the pretty girls or the fancy cars that the trees get off on, but whatever it is, they grow here like no other place I’ve seen. Huge, tiny, wild, manicured, airy, dense, flowering, spare, grand, sweet, sweeping, charming…the variety and contrast keep you looking and looking, trying to take it all in. Even the downtown retail areas are lush and leafy. Butt all that verdancy up against wide stretches of white sand and crashing ocean, bathe it all in the famously super-natural golden hue (the light here is as unique and lovely as the trees, but that’s another breathy rave…), and you start to understand the appeal of the place, traffic and ostentation and all. It’s just plain gorgeous.

Something about those pretty girls and fancy cars makes for lovely vegetation of the edible sort as well. Of course there’s the corn that I’ve already nattered on about, incredible stuff. And hopefully it’s not too late to score peaches, oooh, especially the squashed little donut version, sweet and cute to boot. I’ll drag John to a stand later today and report on the bounty.

Although I don’t think I’m doing any cooking out here – a shame on one hand (given the produce and fish options), but kinda cool on the other because we’re usually out here with the kids, and John’s brother’s kids, and big groups of friends, so we only cook and eat in. (No complaints! The eating in around here is amazing, especially when John’s dad is cookingveal a la danoise and Viennese shrimp toast? Pahlease – The. Kill.) This time it’s just us, and John’s parents Dot & John, and it’s past peak season craziness, so we’re going to hit a few restaurants…can’t wait.

In fact, last night it was just John and me, so we slipped into famed Della Famina, in “downtown” East Hampton, for a lovely din. We both scarfed down a salad that I’m going to crave for days, I can tell – hot, crispy shrimps atop a mound of shredded lettuce and vegetables, tossed in a fiery dressing. You know me, any dish that gets that hot, cool, creamy, spicy, salty, sweet thing going just slays me. Delicious.

It’s cool and cloudy here, not pool weather, but no matter. Good for walking, and driving around (no traffic in September, yay!), and reading good books. And blogging a bit, too, so stay tuned…

Moderate it: I blew it last night, skipped one of the easiest rules of moderation – when ordering a salad in a restaurant, ask them to either put the dressing on the side or to dress the salad very lightly. The salad last night was delicious, but not one bit light, and would have been just as tasty with less dressing.

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