Food Styling 101: Salads

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Nov 14, 2008 at 5:42pm

I’m taking a food styling course, attempting to improve the quality and creativity of my food photos, as well as learn a bit more about a field I think would be terrific to work in. Maybe even get paid, ooh, there’s a novel concept. I’m only in the second week; our assignment was to put together and style a simple salad. Here’s my first try (limited seriously by my lack of photographic knowledge; I was stuck with the light I had, without planning ahead, and let’s just say, I have a lot to learn about my camera. I think I need a major Cory Shubert tutorial…).

Anyhow, total BLAST. I made a couple of mistakes, like eating a bit of goat cheese and walnuts off the plate when I thought I was done. But no, after seeing the pics on my computer, I had to go back – and replace the parts I snacked on. I’m pretty sure that’s a food styling 101 don’t, ha.

Man am I dragging today, even as I composed this salad, d r a g g i n g. I’m seriously sleep-deprived this week and oy am I feeling my old. We had our neighborhood women’s association meeting last night (aka wine and chat) and I once again stayed out and up way too late. And no reprieve tonight, oh no – as I mentioned below, tonight I’ll be Debbie and Stu William’s guest at a Commanderie de Bordeaux event (aka serious wine and chat).

I predict a very, very quiet Saturday.

Moderate it: the only thing going for me is that I know that the portions at the Commanderie dinner will be reasonable. That said, moderate portions of five or so courses adds up to excessive pretty quickly. Washed down with five or so Bordeaux wines and well, I’ll have to count it as the special occasion it is and just enjoy myself. Moderate that!

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    Sorry Maud, didn't mean to delete your comment (much appreciated) - I'm still messing around, replaced the old post with a gallery post.