Happy 8th Birthday Fresh Tart + Twin Cities Chef’s Table: Part II

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jan 8, 2014 at 6:44pm

burgerI am all book (Twin Cities Chef’s Table), all the time right now, which is why I haven’t shared a recipe for a few weeks. I hope you did something wonderful to ring in 2014! CocktailI’m having the time of my life visiting restaurants, chatting with chefs, taking pictures, talking about food, gathering recipes, and writing stories. I am being wonderfully, ably assisted by Angie Zirngible, who is helping in 100 different ways. Joy Summers has assisted on several shoots, making chefs laugh so I can snap pics of them with smiles on their faces (while I also laugh).

And my Ladies League – #L2 – ladies, are saving me by helping me gather paperwork and offering to stop by with treats and bubbles to keep me sane! In fact, they stopped by to serenade me with Christmas carols just before New Year’s Eve and it made my whole holiday. patestir fryMy birthday (and Fresh Tart’s birthday!) was this past Monday, the coldest day of the year, when no one went anywhere. I stayed warm and cozy in The Treehouse, and was gifted a beautiful and scrumptious (gluten-free) apple-coconut cake and bottle of Veuve Cliquot by the always lovely and generous Zoe Fran├žois. It made my birthday!cocktail

Because I’m not sharing a recipe, I’m posting a few sneak peaks of food pics from the book. I’m so excited for you to make these recipes! From casual to formal, from condiments to cocktails to main dishes to desserts, the book is first and foremost a cookbook for home cooks.lamb

Here’s to an amazing year, full of good friends, good work, good health, and good food. Thank you for reading Fresh Tart! Muah! xoxoxo Stephanie

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