Lovely Lucia’s Lunching

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 9, 2009 at 7:22pm

Pre-Mother’s Day lunch today, score! I do love Lucia’s. I enjoyed a colorful farmer’s salad bursting with crisp greens and jicama, slices of juicy orange, a handful of fresh herbs, and a few slices of salty steak. John dug into a pile of softly scrambled eggs, set off by crunchy focaccia croutons in a pool of tomato-fennel sauce, so fabulous. We split a side of herb-roasted potatoes, served alongside a dollop of thick, cool sour cream, perfectly positioned for swiping through en route to crispy-salty-creamy oblivion…

A post-meal trip next door to Lucia’s-to-Go yielded dinner – a delicious loaf of cottage cheese-dill bread, almost cake-like with it’s fine, moist crumb. Oil-cured tuna salad with hard-cooked eggs. Crunchy cauliflower-carrot salad. A margherita pizza for Nathan. We even scored Baby Buddhas (mini streusel coffee cakes) for tomorrow’s Mother’s Day Brunch.

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