Mom Does the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 2, 2008 at 2:01pm

Mom and I headed over to the Farmer’s Market early this morning and cashed in on lots of tasties. First off, a grilled brat for breakfast, smothered in sauteed peppers and onions, topped with kraut, relish, and mustard. With a beer, I would have been ready for a Badger football game! But no, instead we grabbed coffee and roamed the veggie stands, scoring sweet corn (first of the season for me), tomatoes, green beans, raspberries, potatoes, and radishes. We took a pass on the giant iced cinnamon rolls, but oh boy did they look and smell temptingly, stickily scrumptious.

I came home, pooled my treasure with booty from Thursday’s CSA veggie share, and out of the bounty made myself one helluva vegetarian feast for lunch. I roasted myself an ear of cornrarrr – then sauteed tofu with thin slices of garlic, onions, and jalapeno. I tossed pieces of summer squash, red onion, and red bell pepper with a bit of olive oil, salt, and minced fresh herbs, then skewered it all and grilled until soft and charred. And then, The Kill, I boiled a few fingerling potatoes (tiny ones, more like thumblings, or even toelings, ha) and ate them tossed with a smidge of butter and sprinkle of Kosher salt. They were creamy and just a bit sweet (I personally don’t like uber-sweet new potatoes), very potato-y, and absolutely delicious. I will most certainly be looking for those babies again.

Tonight we’re heading to the Twins game for Bizarre Foods night at the Dome. Rumor has it AZ is offering Bizarre Foods-inspired tasties…I’ll fill you in on any adventurous details later.

Enjoy your Sunny Saturday!

Moderate it: it’s pretty hard to go wrong with food from the Farmer’s Market – fresh, just-picked vegetables and fruits and locally-raised meats. Real food. Good food. Real, good-for-you food. I dig it.

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