Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Nov 11, 2009 at 7:22am

Salty butter, one of my very favorite things.  I humiliated myself a few years ago by confessing on Andrew Zimmern’s then-radio show, Chowhounds, that I love few things more than a thin slice of cold Hope Creamery butter, no bread, just butter, oh yeah…  Not moderate, I know, so I don’t even keep it in my house (shucks), only buy it for holidays or parties.  Or to try cool recipes like this one for dark salty butter caramel sauce (posted lately on The Kitchen Sink, recipe from The Smitten Kitchen), which I plan to give as a gift (if it turns out as nicely as I hope that it will).  How perfect would salted Hope Creamery be for this sauce?

Well, I won’t know, since Whole Foods didn’t have Hope Creamery butter.  So instead I grabbed this French beauty, Beurre D’Isigny, 80% butterfat and studded with coarse rock salt. Holy Hannah, where have I been?  How have I never picked this up before?  It’s gorgeous to look at, rich yellow and literally sparkling with salt crystals.  And the taste – slighty tangy, fresh-cream sweet, with a hint of crunchy salt, it’s perfect.

If I ever make that caramel sauce, I’ll let you know…

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