Parmesan Cream Crackers

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Feb 8, 2009 at 9:16am

Parmesan Cream Crackers

These homemade crackers look so delicious – with a glass of red wine, by the fire, good Sunday to you…  (And while you’re there – click on the link above to see video – check out all the other addictive NYTimes Magazine food videos, great fun.)

Then, if you need something more substantial to get you through the evening, the Sassy Radish’s simple pasta with chanterelles and ricotta (especially if you get the real-deal, killericious hand-dipped Whole Foods version of ricotta, heavenly stuff) should do the trick.

I do love sunny, warm(ish) Sundays.

And oh, for some ideas on tasty eats around town, I scored on two fronts this week.  One, good ol’ LaCucaracha (Dale & Grand, St. Paul, with Chris Follett), serving the kind of Mexican food I grew up on (as in, Americanized, but in a delicious way).  Their ingredients are fresh, local, and organic and the dishes completely tasty.  I had simple bean enchiladasbeans, homemade corn tortillas, homemade enchilada sauce, sprinkle of cheese.  With a huge side of guaaaahcamole.  Simply heavenly.  And yesterday, Mom, Stacey, and I did a lunch-n-movie date, chowing down at Tea House before heading over to see Slumdog Millionaire (in retrospect, not a movie to eat before, but so it goes).  We shared what have become some of my Tea House faves – pickled vegetables (addictive, fiery little mothers), five-spice shrimp, chong king spicy chicken (truly, honestly spicy and so good), and crispy pork with pea pods. (I also love the garlic eggplant and kung pao tofu – for another trip.)

And oh, thank you Susie and Cory for hosting us Friday night for tasties and cocktails!  Yummy food, great company (Kim and Brian were there too), damn nice way to head into the weekend.

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