Party Central is Now Closed

Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Sep 29, 2008 at 9:38am

Ah, the parties are over. In the last week, we’ve entertained almost 100 people (30 on Tuesday, 70 on Saturday), and I have to say, it all went off without a hitch. Whew! And both were really…FUN, which is the point of course. Reconnected with old friends, met a lot of new ones, ate good food, drank good wine, and in preparation, really got our house in order. Feeling good. Next big one: Thanksgiving, woo hoo!

I luckily didn’t have to prepare food for 70, since Saturday’s party format – parent party – had folks bring either an appetizer or dessert. You know what that means – WAY more food than everyone can eat, but lots of fun tasties to try! I did make a few things, to get the party rolling, including gougere (cheese pastry puffs), a platter of cold sliced beef tenderloin surrounded by couscous, and a plate of toasts topped with ricotta and roasted tomatoes (I’m into them lately, what can I say?). I was even able to take leftover ricotta and tomatoes, puree them together, and make a quick-n-lovely pasta for dinner last night. That’s about as far I was willing to go with 1) prep, or 2) clean-up, no surprise there.

Today, back to reality. Few things to put away, but not much (thank you John and Nathan, my official clean-up crew; thank you also to my extremely polite guests, who tossed almost every plate and napkin and deposited every bit of glassware in the kitchen – if that’s Minnesota Nice, I’ll take it). The pool gets put to winter-sleep this week, so it’s time to think about putting away patio and porch furniture. The lights and lanterns have come down. Flower and herb pots will soon be emptied (I’ve still got a few tomatoes coming in, although they are the obviously the very, very last). Yes, the parties are really over. Sniff.

Guess I’ll just have to cheer myself by…going out for dinner with Kim & Suz! To celebrate Kim’s birthday – Happy Birthday Maven of Mischief! Look out, True Thai, here we come!

Moderate it: there’s nothing like hosting a huge party to get a good workout. I’m not kidding! I hauled around four cases of wine, 100 bottles of water, 80 lbs. of ice (up and downstairs a couple of times), furniture, trays of glassware (I rented wine glasses), not to mention all the groceries and trash. I felt it in my lower back, for sure!

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  1. By Suz on September 30, 2008 at 9:02AM

    gorgeous photos with that new camera, my friend! XXOO