Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 10, 2006 at 10:33am

Welcome home Peter, Kristen, Erin, and Emily!!

My cousin Peter and his wife Kristen had twin baby girls – Erin and Emily – quite a bit before their due date. It has been a wild, emotional, exhausting, terrifying, exhilarating roller coaster ride for the last five months, through three hospitals, through hours and hours of training, through thousands of prayers and well wishes. And now, they are home, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, with many challenges still ahead, of course, but they are home. Here’s to Erin and Emily, you tough little adorable girlie cuties! And here’s to Peter and Kristen, wow, talk about tough. Tough as steel and full of love. We love you guys! (Check out their blog for the full story.)

Ah-choo! Full-on allergy season, yikes. I can’t sneeze like John – no one can, it’s the most unbelievably loud sneeze you or I or anyone has ever heard, EVAR, it’s like a roar, but only on the choo part, there’s barely an ah, so there’s no warning, the roaring choo startles the hell out of anyone around him and makes people on airplanes cringe and lean away because there is no way that a politely covered mouth is going to contain that baby. Sorry, honey, you’re an almost-perfect husband, except for the sneeze. (And maybe a few other things. But I’ll save those for future entries. How moderate, eh? Remember, you love me!)

I think I’m going to attempt pommes frites tonight. Did the shrimp/onion ring thing on Sunday, and at that time promised A I’d give potatoes a try next, since fries are what she really loves. Tonight is as good a time as any, if I don’t run out of time. Nathan has baseball practice at six, that makes things pretty tricky. Like we’ll have to eat at 5:20. Hmmm… And, I have to be ready to dash out the door myself to hook up with Kim and Suz at McCoy’s for our first remote recording of Feminine Hijinx! It all started at McCoy’s, the three of us chatting for something like six straight hours. I remember Cory asked Suz, did you even pee? Ha! (Answer: of course, we’re girls! We always have to pee!) We’ll see if I can pull it all off, ooh, some drama!

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  1. By Stephanie on May 10, 2006 at 12:11PM

    He doesn't break it out very often... Unlike your laugh! Thank goodness on both!

  2. By Suz on May 10, 2006 at 11:57AM

    Wow, great news about the babies. Yay!

    How have I missed a John sneeze so far?? This I've got to hear! I may finally have a rival of my laugh! Ha!