Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 22, 2006 at 12:49pm

John, Stu, and Rudy are lunching together today, at I Nonni, damn I wish I could have joined them. But…no. Instead I’m here waiting for, I kid you not, the Maytag repairman. BRU-TAL! Sigh. Hopefully John will achieve bringing home a few tasties, as well as the wine he’ll surely be buying (as I said, he’s at I Nonni with Stu and Rudy, now there’s a wine-happy combination if ever there was one). Hope you’re having lots of fun, boys! (I, only sort of pouting, whipped up a quick bowl of chilaquiles for my lunch, mmm…)

So because I Nonni treats could perhaps make their way here by dinnertime, I’ll not plan anything overly involved for tonight. Plus, the fridge holds leftovers of various interesting flavors just waiting to be finished off. There’s a nice amount of rice with vegetables, as well as the tomato sauce that accompanied the meatloaf dish I made last week. Oh, and a package of lovely mushrooms I forgot to incorporate into the pan sauce on Friday night. I have frozen shrimp as well, hmmm, interesting possibilities. Perhaps a garlicky scampi with rice sort of thing, use the tomato sauce tomorrow night for a quick pasta before baseball practice. Well. Some good options. We’ll see how it plays out…

Here’s how it played out: ho hum yawnsville. I don’t know, the prosciutto sandwich John brought back did absolutely nothing for me. Neither did the chicken parmesan (with more prosciutto on it – enough already with the prosciutto, and the chicken, believe it or not). Nor did I really like the shrimp I prepared (too pooh salty and blandy). Nor the rice (very leftover tasting and I’m tired of asparagus). Okaaaay! Who is the picky bitch? Apparently, it’s me! Who knew? And you know what? It doesn’t much matter because I got some serious time on the deck before dinner, with a book, and glass of wine…spectacular day. Perhaps no eats could compare to a good read paired with that perfumey, balmy air and warmy sun…

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  1. By Stephanie on May 23, 2006 at 9:23AM

    Hi Donna! I haven't checked his yet, but of course you're culinarily hip if you've got an annual morel ritual! You'll have to tell him he needs bacon. Bacon makes everything delicious, ha! OK, I'm on it, I'm on it!

  2. By Donna on May 23, 2006 at 6:12AM


    Sounds like you might need to catch the Morel Mushroom fever too! Did you see Andrew's blog yesterday? Yes! I feel so timely and culinarily hip! Except he needs to add some bacon. Donna