Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 14, 2006 at 6:59pm

It’s up to you…New York, New York! Yes, it’s true, I’m off to the Big Apple (sorry, I’ll stop with the cliches) for a long weekend with my minxes, to celebrate our impending 40th birthdays! Suz, Kim, and I are outta here tomorrow morning, staying at my in-laws’ apartment in Manhattan. Dinner with Dot and John tomorrow night (dinner with Dot & John is always fabulous)…then the three of us milling around town for the next couple of days, shopping, chatting, eating, chatting, and chatting some more. Woo hoo! I’ll eat pretty much anything, of course, but I do have my eye particularly on Sable’s lobster salad and smoked Nova, H&H bagels and chive cream cheese, Teuscher chocolates, and some damn good Chinese. The weather looks close to perfect – Central Park, here we come, with plans to podcast from the boathouse. In fact, my favorite thing to do in NYC is just walk. Or perhaps sit outside of the Stanhope, with a glass of wine, and watch people walk, that’s pretty fun too.

My first trip with John was to New York, when we’d been dating only a few weeks. Bold, that John, asking me to go away with him. Luckily, I took the chance. We had an amazing weekend, at his parents’ home, his bro happened to be in town, and mine trained it down from Vassar to spend a night with us too. I met Bartley and Maud that weekend as well. Big, big opening for Johnny, yes indeed. Good one, Dude.

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