Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 24, 2006 at 8:40am

Well. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday’s sweetly sunny breezes have been so rudely shoved aside by the meanest of bullies (for those of us with curly hair) – humidity, ack, in the form of dark, heavy stillness. Dank. Oppressive. It brings, I’ll admit, much-needed rain. OK. Then rain already and move on outta here, I hate you. (Apparently my sweetly sunny mood has gotten a bit humid as well, grrrr… Grrrls don’t like bad-hair days…)

Guess I’ll be wearing a hat to Nathan’s baseball game later today, not to keep the sun off my face, oh no, but to hold my frizzing, puffing hair down. I’m whining, I know. It’s just hair. I’ll stop now. (Fuck humidity.)

BIG salad for lunch, that’s the plan, what with all my yummy La Finca CSA veggies. Hmmm…perhaps a soup of some sort as well. I’ll ponder that awhile and check back…

(Um, the sun just came out. BUT, it’s still humid…)

A sort of Gotham Salad, a la Bergdorf Goodman, is what I made for lunch. Diced (quite small) chicken, bacon, ham, gruyere, tomato, beets, egg, iceberg lettuce, tossed with Thousand Island dressing. I substituted leaf lettuce and pickled beets, happily. And I used only a small amount of chicken, ham, bacon, and cheese, about 1 Tbsp. of each, to keep things, you know, moderate. Delicious!

I also made a radish soup, which is now cooling and eventually will chill in the fridge before I eat it. It’s quite light – and pink! Yes, it’s pink, in an attractive way, with flecks of green from sliced scallion. When I get around to eating it, later, perhaps for a snack, I’ll let you know how it actually tastes…

Well, I won’t be reporting on its taste this evening, I’m already too full. After Nathan’s hot, sticky baseball game, he and I came home and jumped in the pool. Which by the way turns out to be a great solution for frizzy hair, ha, pull it back soaking wet and walk out the door. Not ideal, but it works. We then had a delicious “linner” (lunch/dinner) at Bacio, followed by a shower (of pouring rain) and a showing of Nacho Libre. It’s an odd, funny, sweet little movie, which we both really enjoyed. Now here it is, 7 p.m., and we’ve already put away dinner and a movie! NICE!

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  1. By Suz on June 24, 2006 at 6:19PM

    Ahhhh...the Gotham.....sigh!