Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 4, 2006 at 7:12pm

Happy 4th my friends! A pretty quiet day today…Tom, Valerie, Allegra, and Cameron went home this morning. We really miss them, it was a very special, blast of a weekend. A good hang, as Tom would say, definitely a good hang.

Stace and the Coopster were here for the afternoon. Of course Coop is growing and changing each time I see him. His new hair is coming in, still red, totally baby and adorable. His eyes are certainly blue. And the cheeks, chub city, he is so precious. You just can’t stop kissing him, it’s too fun, with those softy, pudgy cheeks. Sigh, he’s a little slice of baby heaven.

Today was a day of leftovers – plenty of food remains from the weekend’s bounty. We just snacked for dinner and that was fine, fine, fine.

Boy have we lucked out with the weather! And again tonight, warm and all clear for fireworks, woo hoo! Suz, Cory, Viv, and Sullivan are coming for fireworks, just like last year. We and the whole ‘hood will be out on the golf course, slapping mosquitos, drinking beer, and doing the usual ooh ahh. Enjoy yours!

(Quickly, before I fall asleep in my chair…fireworks were AMAZING. I mean it, they were spectacular. Right out under the stars, with our friends, and all our neighbors, and what a show. Gorgeous. And little Sullivan loved them this year, he yelled adorable things like, Kowabunga! And, those would make Vivian feel fancy! (The sparkly ones…) We were just hooting at his phrases and reactions, so cute. An excellent ending to a wonderful weekend.)

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  1. By Stephanie on July 15, 2006 at 8:00PM

    I LOVE that pic of you, totally laughing and having a good time, as usual. And Sully with his green apple!

  2. By Suz on July 5, 2006 at 1:55PM

    OMG, you used the most ridic photo of me. HA! What a surprise, Suz is feeling goofy...Kowabunga!!!