Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 8, 2006 at 9:13am

Opened this day with lovely, (almost) freshly-picked berries and a good, strong cup of (decaf, ha) coffee. Nice! I’d make myself a salad of beets with sauteed beet greens for lunch, but instead I’ll be happily lunching with Marge, Stacey, and Coop at the Good Earth at the Galleria. If it’s sunny, I’m back here for some pool-age. If not, well, I’ll probably cook beets and beet greens for dinner… (Uh, that would be my dinner – neither John nor Nathan will touch beet anything, sigh…)

Great, as always, to see Marge and Stacey, both looking gorgeous. And Cooper! As cute as can be. (How fabulous is that accidental smirk on his face? I LOVE it!) He’s amazing in restaurants, looking around, chatting, smiling, sucking on his hands. It was BUSY at the Good Earth, so our lunch was a bit longer than Stacey had planned, but other than that it was just so nice. I had a delicious turkey club sandwich, of which I could eat only half. I’m making something somewhat similar for dinner tonight, ha, oh well. BLTs, heavy on the T, because I have a lovely stack of ripe tomatoes from my pots on the deck. Very exciting! I’m going to make beets for myself as well – even if I don’t get around to eating them tonight, they’ll be ready for a nice salad tomorrow… Can’t beet that (sorry, ack).

Did make it home for a swim and some sun with Johnny, whew, it’s smokin’ hot out there. And yet lovely. Couple of dips in the pool, little tune-age and Anna Karenina, a nice cold poolside beer, followed by a cool, soapy shower and soft, clean clothes…oh yeah, I’m feeling gooooood.

(By the way, the beets, boiled until tender, sliced and combined with the greens, chopped and sauteed in olive oil with sliced garlic until tender and drizzled with a bit of vinegar, a drop or two of honey, and a sprinkle of salt…KILL. I’m full from my sandwich, so could only handle a couple of quick bites, but OMG, what a treat. I’ll cash in on the rest tomorrow…)

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