Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 27, 2006 at 5:17pm

YUM! Undiscovered Diva Suz and I had lunch at YUM Bakery today, what a treat! I ran into two former Park Nicollet girlfriends as well, Sonya and Laura, having some yum of their own. Suz loved her grilled veggie foccacia sandwich, I had a yummy (!) warm chicken club with a real summer treat – cool, crunchy gazpacho, topped with a bit of crab. Too-licious (as Baby Nathan used to say). Next time I go I’m absolutely having it again, what a perfect light lunch…and light is key so you have room for their decadent and clever desserts. Suz and I split a chocolate cupcake, an actual real-food, good-tasting version of a Hostess cupcake, cute. And oh, one of my favs, coconut cake. Dense, moist, and super-coconutty. Prrrr… Lurved it.

Tonight, more baseball, my friends, more hot, sweaty, dusty baseball! The Floridians won last night, we’ll see how it goes tonight. Cooper was his usual sweet baby self at the game, totally chill as we all passed him around and cooed like complete idiots trying to get him to smile (it’s not very hard, he is such a happy little guy, so heavenly, sigh). Pa David graciously sweat it out in his lawyerly office clothes – and of course walked away looking crisp and tidy. He always pulls that off and no one knows how. I’m actually showing up at the game in something other than a tank top since John and I are planning a post-game din at the fabulous 20.21 – yay!

Oh my, oh my oh my oh my, dinner was just incredible. Their seared foie gras and lobster with fried spinach are two of the finest dishes in Minnesota, hands down. I was ho-hum on ordering pad thai, thinking pad thai, schmad thai (or something like that), I’ve had enough pad thai for awhile… But John went ahead anyhow and thank goodness – I was wrong, so very, very wrong. The crispy shrimps and fried tofu that ring the perimeter, OMG, completely caught me off guard. Zowy powy zing! As a result, we’re stuffed, with plenty of tasties for tomorrow to boot. It’s a wonderful restaurant, it truly is. A gem. (And, they deserve a blue ribbon for booking online reservations through – uh, 112 Eatery, are you listening???)

PS The baseball game, sigh, none too good. You could cut the tension with a knife – cranky coaches on all sides, a battered ump, stressed kids… Tough, it was a tough one. Yes, the Floridians are down, but not out – it’s a double-elimination tourney, so we’re back, chewin’ gum and spittin’ seeds and oh yeah, playing some ball (!) on Saturday morning… (Lord, I’m starting to sweat just thinking about it, it’s too damn hot for anything but floating in the pool…)

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  1. By Stephanie on July 27, 2006 at 10:38PM

    No way! Damn, I would have liked to meet Bev and see you, oh Maven! We just left there around 10ish... It was hoppin' in there tonight with the exhibit, you were very "in" checking it out tonight!

    And Suz, it's a cute pic! As usual...

    Love you guys!!!

  2. By Anonymous on July 27, 2006 at 10:35PM

    Hey! Bev and I were right below you tonight at the Walker checking out the Diane Arbus exhibit. We almost went upstairs to have a drink. Funny!

    -Maven of Mischeif

  3. By Suz on July 27, 2006 at 7:17PM

    What a dorky photo of me! Ha! That sure was fun today, tho!

    Ooooh, have fun at din tonight!