Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 7, 2006 at 9:14pm

Baseball Moms, woo hoo! We took the summer off because, well, we were all busy with baseball! But now baseball is (thankfully) done…so it was time to get together at local hangout McCoy’s and have some beer with our chat, on a chair instead of bleachers (ouch but those bleachers hurt the bum). First Monday of the month, we’re back on! As always, great fun.

I managed to completely talk my way through a scheduled dinner with John – not a shocker to those of you who know me, ha. He finally gave up on me and picked up take-out from Big Bowl – his fav, their take on a tenderloin steak. Luckily he’s not a bit irritated with me (my sweetie!) and we’re both home now, ready to call it a night. A night!

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