Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 9, 2006 at 5:14pm

Your chesnock is my ku cai, baby. Or toi. Ajo.Knoblauch.Aglio. Or garlic! Yes, garlic, in any language, heavenly, healthy, aphrodisiac garlic. I’ll admit, I despise garlic kisses (blech, John gets so irritated with me when I make him something super-garlicky for dinner and then complain about the, uh, fragrance), but I eat and cook with garlic all the time anyhow. As in tonight, a what’s-in-the-fridge sort of dinner: pasta el pesto (leftover basil-garlic puree), zucchini parmigiana (big ol’ zucchini from my CSA veggie share), and a simple cucumber- tomato salad (ditto the big ol’ cucumber, along with loads of ripe tomatoes from my pots).

NICE dinner! I especially love that zucchini parmigiana, it’s quick, easy, and sooooo delicious! Yep, my garlic and I are heading to bed soon, rarrr…

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