Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 19, 2006 at 5:05pm

Stuffed! I am stuffed like the burrito I happily ate for lunch while watching Spanglish on cable. I vaguely recall negative reaction to the film when it came out. Hmmm…I thought it was terrific and especially enjoyed the sensual, sexy food scene set in chef Adam Sandler’s faux French Laundry kitchen. Who wouldn’t want to watch Paz Vega eat baby lamb chops with her hands? My goodness she’s a beautiful woman.

Afterward I went for a swim, but got pretty darn chilled – it’s gorgeously sunny, but cool, and breezy, a very September feel, sigh. I came in and took my first warm bath in months. Which felt great as I sank into the warm suds, but somehow wasn’t relaxing, hmmm, why, why? Oh dear! Because the smell of the lavender bath salts reminded me of…winter! Gasp! How very unsettling. Enough of that, I was out of that bath in the blink of an eye and back into summer clothes, with a spritz of summer perfume, bare feet, sipping a delightfully cold beer. I’m not ready to say good-bye to summer, not yet…

Check out my fabulous $.25 purchase from! Inspired by the delicious dinner my father-in-law prepared while we were in EH last week (see below), I googled Perla Meyers’ Seasonal Kitchen, copyright 1973, and happily found a gently used copy. What a book, talk about ahead of its time! No one in my life was cooking this way in 1973, and I’m lucky to have many fabulous cooks in my life.

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