Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 23, 2006 at 6:06pm

Crispy oven-roasted chicken drummies tonight, with fresh corn, rice (I know, two grains, but my family lurves grains), sliced garden tomatoes with salt and pepper, and kale sauteed with a bit of bacon (that one is for myself, I’m the only kale fan in this household – their loss! So yummy and nutritious!).

And for dessert…hijinxing with my minxes! Woo hoo! It’s been almost an entire month since we’ve been able to podcast, and I Can’t Wait! My mood’s not the same when I can’t gossip wildly, talk trash – and laugh! – with my girls about life’s little (and not so little) irritations (because while it takes us around 45 minutes to tape the podcast, we usually sit and chat for, oh, about three hours… I know Cory’s rolling his eyes reading that, since he’s often sitting around waiting for us to button it – hi Coreman! You’re awesome!). Baseball might be over, but August is even busier and we haven’t been able to get it together for weeks. No longer – look out world!

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