Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 29, 2006 at 9:00am

Happy 40th Birthday Susie!

Yes, today is Suz’s big day and in perfectly fitting form, it is a gorgeous, sunny day. And as cool – and warm – as she is! Obviously (for any of you who regularly read this blog, or her blog, and/or listen to our podcast, Feminine Hijinx) Suz is beautiful, talented, fun, funny, and a little – delightfully – naughty. And that’s all grrrrreat! But her best qualities are her genuine warmth, intelligence, and kindness. She’s an amazing mother, and wife (I know Cory would agree), and generous, fabulous friend. (And she’s a great cook and food-lover! Not that I wouldn’t love her if she weren’t, but you know, it doesn’t hurt, ha…) So here’s to Suz! Happy, Happy Birthday my dear!

As my Gamma Phi Beta sorority sisters used to shout:
Drink Beer! Drink Beer! Drink Beer, goddamnit, Drink Beer!
If you can’t Drink Beer like a Gamma Phi can,
then you shouldn’t have a goddamn beer in your hand!
Drink Beer!

Suz doesn’t drink much of anything, but you know, it’s a cheer for my friend. And a classy one at that, huh? NICE!

(Damn, I’m going to miss the countdown to Suz’s 40th birthday – I’ve been cashing in! Trip to NYC, the Scion xB, a soon-to-arrive puppy, this past Friday’s Which Witch shenanigans, and an open-house this evening… Summer and Susie’s birthday will soon be over, nooooooooo!)

Got tired of the green, decided to go for something a little richer and fall-ish, so voila, the debut of my new, chocolatey color scheme…

Nathan and John had lunch with my dad today, downtown, at Mill City Pizza, the pizza place in US Bank Plaza, where both John and my dad have their offices (although in different towers). John raves about Mill City’s pizza and has been wanting to take Nathan – aka Mr. Pizza – for quite awhile. So before school starts, they finally made the trip, plus ran into Pa David as a bonus, and then made their way to the Body Worlds exhibit at the Science Musuem of Minnesota. When they get home, mighty hungry I’d guess, I’ll be ready for them with…

…a seemingly rich but actually quite healthy chicken gumbo, in honor of New Orleans on this Hurricane Katrina anniversary. Get well soon, New Orleans. Sigh.

And after dinner, on a happier note, we’re heading to Susie’s for dessert at her birthday open house. Rumor has it that Suz’s amazing-baker-friend Rosemarie has baked a coconut cake, among other tasties – woo hoo! In the name of moderation, I’ll attempt a small-ish sort of piece…

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Older Comments

  1. By Stephanie on August 29, 2006 at 4:49PM

    Why thank you, Birthday Girl. Rich and chocolatey/caramelly, I thought (or hoped, ha). See you in a little while!

  2. By Suz on August 29, 2006 at 4:38PM

    oooh, I love the new color scheme!!!

  3. By Suz on August 29, 2006 at 12:30PM

    Wow, this birthday girl is blushing. Thanks for your incredibly kind words, my dear friend! *sniff*! Here's to another (at least!) 40 years of fabulous, fun and unforgettable friendship with YOU!