Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Sep 3, 2006 at 9:12am

La la Lucia’s! John and A brunched there yesterday and came back not just raving about the yumminess but also with tasties pour moi. Good move! In the goodie bag was a pre-made sandwich, purchased from the bakery – perfectly soft-chewy cracked wheat bread filled with salty ham, sharp cheddar, slices of truly ripe tomato (nice concept, a real tomato), and a smear of sweet mustard. Simply delicious. (Athough Lucia’s bread could make any damn filling seem extraordinary, it is The Best.) And then – swoon! Two mini-streusel-coffeecake muffins. Again, so simple, but oh my, buttery, cinnamony, decadent deliciousness. I tried to eat just one – moderation, you know – but didn’t succeed. Snap, snap, both were gone and while I licked my fingers (and sucked the paper cupcake liners), and felt very grateful to have been brought such a treat, I was a wee bit sad that there weren’t more, more, more. MORE! Man I love that place, eating in and taking out. Prrrr…

Today, soggy as it is, I think we’ll not go to the State Fair. Awwww. Curly-haired girls avoid rain like vampires shun light. But if you’re going, make sure to first check out Andrew Zim’s list of Fair Food Favs at his blog, Chow & Again. Nathan’s heading out tomorrow – he’ll have to eat a hot-out-of-the-fat, mustard-painted Pronto Pup for me. Cheers!

And tonight…dinner at Rudy& Ana’s, NICE! (Bet we’re not having Pronto Pups!)

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