Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Sep 8, 2006 at 7:57pm

Here’s a Friday night dinner…in fact, if you’re single, and your sweetie appreciates eggs, this is the perf impress-a-date dinner. More than a little sexy, because it’s got a just-tossed together-French thing going, and is mighty nice with a glass of wine. Nothing more than a simple salad of pretty, flavorful greens – perhaps arugula, frisee, butter lettuce, basil, and/or spinach tossed with salt, pepper, and oil and vinegar. A quick saute of pieces of crisped chopped bacon, green pepper, sweet onion, and diced potato. Topped off with a couple of over-easy (technically, I prefer them over-medium, but no matter) eggs, and you’ve got heaven. In fact, if you tossed the warm potatoes into the salad right before serving, plated it, and served the eggs on top with a sprinkle of coarse salt and a grind of pepper – you’re in-like-Flynn, baby, I’m telling you. And trust me, I would know.

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