Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Oct 30, 2006 at 6:53pm

Little bonus with John’s bro Tom coming to stay with us tonight. He’s in town on business, and therefore busy for din, but able to pull off sleeping here (and perhaps a little ice cream eating?) so we can see him at least a bit before he flies back to NYC at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning.

Today I cooked whole grain, protein-and-anti-oxidant-packed amaranth (I’m still on my new whole grains kick). Delicious! I had a bit drizzled with a little maple syrup as something sweet after lunch. Somewhat similar to quinoa in appearance and texture, I really like it, rarrr. Would make a nice tabbouleh-esque salad as well as a delicious warm cereal for breakfast, with dried fruit, nuts, and honey. I also baked yet another acorn squash (I can’t help myself, I love it, sprinkled with cinnamon and roasted cut side down for an hour), and steamed an artichoke to have later this week – but instead had it for dinner tonight, oh well. Lurve artichokes. I’ve been cooking and then chilling vegies and whole grains ahead so I can pull together quick, healthy- tasty! – lunches and dinners for myself, but sometimes, you gotta eat it while the eatin’s good, baby!

And Happy (Late) Birthday Cami Sue! You young ‘un, no fair…

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  1. By Stephanie on November 1, 2006 at 9:04AM

    Perhaps because I was so heavily steeped IN the facts of life at that point (age 19 and livin' large, oh my)! Decadent, moi?

  2. By Anonymous on November 1, 2006 at 7:08AM

    That picture of you reminds me of Blair Warner on Facts of Life!

    :0) Maven of Mischief