Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Nov 26, 2006 at 2:17pm

Think I’ll make a big ol’ pot of soup for dinner tonight. Brothy, but enriched with a bit of turkey gravy. Carrots, potatoes, lots of onion and garlic. Turkey of course. Pull some of that challah out of the freezer. We’ll be jamming! Hearty but not too caloric. I’ll let you know how it goes…of course!

Got Christmas lights (put) up last night. We only have lights on one tree, in an attempt to keep it somewhat simple. Although I do love driving around looking at seriously over-the-top displays (with a travel mug of hot chocolate to sip, yum). Still magical, even now that I’m Almost Old.

My nephew Cooper spent his first Thanksgiving in Willmar with the rest of my extended family. I can’t get enough of his little orange-y nose, to match his (gradually less, darn) orange-y hair. He and his daddy, Bowen, are having lots of fun together! Babies. They make the holidays (and my blog!) so much fun.

And oh, speaking of fun, after my fortifying soup dinner, I’m heading over to Suz’s for Cosmopolitan martinis and hijinxing with my minxes and – tonight – a guest, oooh! Check us out!

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