Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Dec 18, 2006 at 4:55pm

Happy Hanukkah, everyone!

Parties and cocktails and shopping, oh my! Friday’s dinner at 112 Eatery with Rudy& Ana and Stu The Wine Genius & Debbie was as fab as anticipated, thanks in no small part to wine, wine, and more wine – in other words, Our Usual! 2005 Novellum Chardonnay… 1995 Sina Qua Non (Syrah blend)… 1991 Nuit St. George Les Cailles (red Burgundy)… 2004 Martinelli G&S Zinfandel… Oh, and the food was damn good too, ha. In fact, we all sampled one of Food & Wine Magazine’s Top Ten Dishes of 2006 – chef Isaac Becker’s lamb scottadito, seared lamb chops in a sauce of goat’s milk yogurt seasoned with a hint of pesto (scottadito means “scorched fingers” in Italian; the cut of this chop leaves a long bone for picking it up and eating with your – scorched, the chops are sizzling hot! – fingers). Oh god, it had it all, as you might imagine. Meaty, crispy, creamy, tender, salty, all the things that get me every single time. Every. Single. Time.

Other yummy highlights – the ever-popular-because-it-friggin-rocks roasted squash with maple syrup and blue cheese (recipe on Andrew Zimmern’s blog); salad with seared foie grasandlardons (yep, both, and it’s as over-the-top as it sounds); pommes frites; and pure-as-the-driven-snow-we-don’t-have tres leches cake, tender and creamy with a hint of banana.

Did I forget to say that as always, it was great to see Rudy & Ana and Stu & Debbie? Me thinks I did – pardon! And of course it was, we had a total blast! After a nice, long chat, John and I said our good-byes, rolled on out into the night and back to our home…

…where I slept in a bit (!) Saturday morn, then was off to Nathan’s basketball game, then to the Galleria for lunch with Stacey & Coop, my aunt Marge, and my dear friend Kathie (whom I haven’t seen for ages. And Mary P., we missed you!) And then home for a second-day-of-Hanukkah celebration – tortilla soup and lots of presents…

…and last night, a lovely open house hosted by John’s partner Clark and his wife Cindy. Plenty more delicious tasties (quite a gorgeous spread, in fact) and now…

…I’m here, Monday, reeling a bit and trying to eat like a normal person again! Going for as many walks as I can fit in! And feeling more than a little grateful for the “problem” of too much food in my life. I am not complaining, let me tell you, I am aware of the blessings of this abundance. It’s been a very special holiday season so far, full of dear friends and plenty of good cheer. The countdown to Christmas is on, of course, but my plan is to enjoy this week.

I hope you enjoy yours as well. Peace, my friends.

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