Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Dec 20, 2006 at 8:16pm

Here I am, writing away…oh wait, no, I’m actually finishing my holiday shopping! Oh yeeeaahh, the internet RAWKS! Actually, I do have several errands that require driving all over the place tomorrow. But that’s OK – I figure it’s not really Christmas without fighting for at least a few parking spaces. Luckily the bulk of my shopping was just like this, baby, with a cup of coffee in one hand and a big ol’ smile on my face.

I had a visit from my nephew Cooper today! He was looking way cool dressed like his favorite cousin Nathan – short-sleeve-over-long-sleeve (t-shirts). While his mommy went for a run, he hung out with me and played, and played, and played. Snacked on a few Cheerios. Enjoyed a few bites of peaches. Played some more. And then his mommy was here and it was time to go. Until next time, Cooper Cuteness…

Tomorrow night – holiday hijinxing with my minxes and Suz’s Cousin Ann, followed by dinner for the four of us girlies at Salut Bar Americain. Pommes frites, here we come! In moderation, but of course…

And moooo oh my but Christmas is looking fabulously beefy! I’m preparing our traditional Christmas Eve fare – classic beef stroganoff, made with tenderloin. And Christmas Day, out at The Farm (my aunt Mary and uncle Bruce’s home), Beef Redux – crispy, crackling roast prime rib. Rarrr!

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