Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Feb 21, 2007 at 8:46pm

Hallelujah, feeling the sun and warm(er) breezes today RAWKED (just ask George; I know I’ve used this pic before, it just cracks me up so much I had to use it again)! It actually smelled like spring during my morning walk – put such a grin on my face that the Byerly’s cashier commented on it! (Does that mean I’m usually a crankypants in comparison? I don’t think so, but hmmm…) I try not to be so affected by the weather, but hey, turns out, that’s just how I roll. (See giddy LA posting below.)

No matter the weather, I’m so looking forward to a kickass dinner tomorrow night… Fugaise, baby, with John’s assistant Kris and her boyfriend Harry. What winter-into-spring tasties will Chef Don Saunders be offering (on his refreshingly straightforward menu)? Stay tuned for the sure-to-be fabulous details…

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