Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Feb 27, 2007 at 10:02am

Oy. Distant memories, these good times… I have been sick, my friends. The nausea started on Sunday and finally released me from its stomach roiling grip this morning. (I hope!) Thank goodness I felt well for my party on Saturday night! A snowstorm AND stomach flu would have been the complete kiss of death for that party, shiver. As it was, I had to miss Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods debut party last night – NO! I am loathe to miss a party, as you may have noticed, and John said it was awesome (great for AZ, sucky for me, ha). I guess the show outtakes, which are available on the Bizarre Foods site, are absolutely hilarious. Knowing Andrew, I believe it! I didn’t dare watch the show, given the state of my stomach, so perhaps I can catch up tonight. Congratulations AZ!

Toasting bread is as much cooking as I’ll be doing today, ugh. Stay well out there!

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