Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Mar 5, 2007 at 10:08am

Do you drink enough water? I know, I know, supposedly the 8-glasses-a-day requirement has been somewhat overstated (and of course it can be positively deadly to really over-consume water), but I have to state – I definitely lose weight faster, and just look and feel better, when I drink plenty of water. More like 10-12 glasses a day, if I include the decaf tea and coffee I sip. And here’s something interesting that I read recently – drinking no-calorie beverages other than water (i.e. diet sodas, coffee, teas) does not help you lose weight the way drinking plain ol’ water does. Hmmm – I’ll bet many of us kinda already knew that, right? So drink up! (Er, is that glass half full or half empty?)

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