Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Mar 13, 2007 at 4:26pm

Well, Hello Spring! My goodness, it’s 64 degrees out there right now! How fabulous! (We could use the cheering up, frankly.)

I’m making Savory-Sweet Pork Tenderloin Stew for dinner. With couscous. And a big salad of some sort, haven’t decided yet.

Friday we’re having a big, big dinner party here at the hacienda, a pre-Cooper Birthday Party celebration. Cooper’s paternal grandparents, Hal and Suzanne, will be visiting this weekend, as well as Bowen’s sister Sara and her husband Romero. My brother David and sister Etta are coming in from NYC, their second flight out here in a week…

…since they were here last Thursday night, en route to Billings, Montana, along with Stacey, our dad, and myself, as we all made our way to their grandmother Shirley’s memorial service. What with putting Sigmund down on Sunday (sigh), I haven’t had a chance to say what a perfectly fitting service it was, last Friday, at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Sheridan, Wyoming. My brother wrote and read the most unbelievable send-off, he brought down the house, truly. Afterward my stepmom Susanna and her brothers and sister hosted the loveliest reception. Susanna’s nieces Marett and Farley assembled photos from their grandmother’s life for a slide show. Man, Shirley lived a lot of life in her 83 years, pretty inspirational. It was great fun to see her dancing on tables as a new wife and hostess, wrangling four kids in four years as a young mom, talking horses with her business partners, handing out polo trophies, hosting a couple of generations of weddings and christenings and graduations, reigning over ever larger family gatherings, and in her last days, visiting with her baby great-grandson. As is always strangely true at funerals, it was actually really fun to see everyone, especially Susanna’s immediate family and long-time friends. Shirley would have been pleased to see the happy consumption of lots of ice-cold chardonnay, double-chocolate brownies, and powdered-sugar-dusted lemon bars. Cheers, Shirley.

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