Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 1, 2007 at 8:15pm

I signed up for my La Finca CSA (community supported agriculture) veggie share today! Wow, summer is really going to come, finally, finally. I had so much fun cooking all my fresh La Fincaveggies last summer, can’t wait to do the same again this year. (Bring on the garlic scapes, baby!) Plus, this time around, I have a juicer so am planning on experimenting with all sorts of interesting juice combinations. And as soon as things are consistently warm enough, I’ll plant my pots of herbs, lettuces, and tomatoes again as well. Eating fresh, locally-grown foods, out on the deck… Heavenly. It’s been a l…o…n…g…a…s…s winter and I’m rearin’ to go!

Speaking of the deck, I’m back out there grilling almost every night. I could grill in the winter but find it more of a pain (brrr!) than it’s worth, so by this time of year, I’ve really got a hankering not just for the taste of grilled foods, but for the ease of preparation. No pans to wash! Woo hoo! I grilled a few chicken breasts last night, some of which I used in a quick vegetable soup I whipped up for a light dinner for John and me, and the remainder of which I turned into chicken tacos for dinner tonight. Always a challenge, keeping the ubiquitous-but-fabulously-versatile chicken breast interesting, ha. But in soups, sandwiches, tortillas, salads, pastas, and with various veggies, salsas, quick sauces, and cheeses, it’s all good. It’s. All. Good.

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