Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 11, 2007 at 3:00pm

I’m dining alone this evening…what should I make? I’m thinking either a simple frittata (spinach, onion, and tomato, cuz that’s what I have) or grilling myself a veggie mushroom burger (the meat-free kind, I actually really love them) to eat in a toasted whole-wheat pita with avocado and sundried tomato spread. Both sound great, it’ll be hard to decide! The grill might win out because it’s such a spectacularly perfect grilling day. WOW, what a day. Before that, perhaps a late afternoon walk to smell the lilacs while they’re blooming. And afterward, little outside music, little reading on the deck… Hope you’re finding some way to enjoy a lovely Friday evening’s sensual pleasures…have a great weekend!

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