Posted by Stephanie Meyer on May 23, 2007 at 8:29pm

Cooper Time! I had a visit from my nephew today…still The Cutest! He said “ca-ca” (cracker) for the first time today – completely magical to witness him saying a new word! He took a few steps, crawled a few miles, banged a few measuring cups, was completely enthralled with my Bucky Badger Bobblehead, checked out the rain, had a nice nap, then joined us all for a dinner of grilled steak, rice (he gets the uber-butteryversion, lucky boy. Just like his auntie, Coop’s all about the butter; someday I’ll initiate him into the world of Hope Creamery over a pan of hot popovers…), roasted broccoli, a big salad with plenty of fresh dill (compliments of John’s assistant, Kris), and the said ca-cas.

Being his usual chill self, he hung out with us while we all watched a little post-din TV, taking turns snuggling with each of us while snacking on a few Cheerios. And then it was time for him to head home, to his own cozy crib, and a good night’s sleep (Stacey hopes, ha). There’s alot to do tomorrow when you’re the world’s coolest, tool-lovin’, Vans-wearin’ one-year old…

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  1. By Suz on May 24, 2007 at 8:10AM

    The Coop. His hair is getting so thick and long! Adorable! And Vivian's first word was cracker! :-) (or, ca ca!)