Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 2, 2007 at 10:21am

Bloggin’ on the porch on a lovely Saturday morning…ahhh…doesn’t get much nicer than this. All my hard work is paying off and I’m actually starting to enjoy the spaces I’ve endeavored to clean up and beautify. NICE! I still have a chair to spray-paint, hopefully today, and other bits and pieces of things to do, but I’m nearing the end. And chillin’…yeah, baby!

I had such a nice day yesterday, too. Opened with Friday Morning Coffee with Suz – really, is there a better way to start one’s day? – who in a twist on our usual routine, picked me up and we headed over to the Edina Art Fair. We did some serious wallet damage (ouch!) buying gifts for others and, uh, ourselves. Namely, necklace-type gifts. Suz didn’t buy the one she’s modeling here – it was WAY expensive, thus the look of longing on her face – but she did get a gorgeous one. And so did I! Some woman wanted to damn near buy it off my neck and Suz was like, step back, lady! Gotta love friends who will defend one’s shopping turf – take that, beyotch, ha! And don’t mess with Suz’s dimples! After a yummy lunch at D’Amico and Sons (with all the rest of the women shopping at the Art Fair, ha), she dropped me off and was on her way.

Then last night was Baseball Moms, woo hoo! And a baseball game, to which I and co-Jiffy mom Nancy showed up a bit, er, late. I was totally busted by a “where WERE you?” from Nathan, but he had lots of fans there to support him, including Stace and Cooper Cuteness. Who had to don his adorable rain jacket because shortly after I arrived the skies opened and it POURED, sending everyone scattering for shelter. The rain did quit, and the game did proceed, and when it was done John and I headed over to Beaujo’s Wine Bar for a late snack/dinner. After a lovely salad, and bowl of asparagus soup, it was time for beddy-bye, bye, bye. Nice way to end the week – and nice way to start the weekend, huh? Sparkly-necklace-shopping with Suz, beer and chat with the Baseball Moms, and a late evening meal with my husband? Sheesh!

It’s supposed to rain, rain, rain today but I’ll enjoy this window of sunshine while we have it. You enjoy your Saturday as well! Perhaps I’ll grill me some pork ribs tonight, hmmmm, stay tuned…

Update: well dang, those ribs were mighty, mighty fine. Fall-off-the-bone tender, crisped up with BBQ sauce on the grill, we devoured them in oh, about 3 minutes. Luckily, they are no work whatsoever. I popped them in the oven and let them slow-bake while John and I went to a movie. A few hours later, a quick pass on the grill, and time to Dig In, yum. I forced portion control on us all by buying only a pound – by the time the bones are out, no one could eat too terribly much, which is a good thing. A few ribs go a looong way calorie-wise. And I just made a simple green salad as a side. As fabulous as slaw and biscuits would be – Lawdy! – it’s nice to let the ribs be the star. Plus, there’s that damn moderation thing…

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