Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 7, 2007 at 11:59am

Um, why am I up at 12:00 a.m. posting to my blog? Well…blame it on my neighbors. Tonight was the last “neighborhood women’s association meeting” (code for “wine and chat”) of the season (we’ll reassemble in September), always a very fun time (thank you to hostess Lisa, who put on a gorgeous party, even without electricity! Talk about a good sport!). And a good time to taste a variety of homemade treats! I tried my best – I did! – to indulge in just wine (you gotta pick and choose your vices when you’re a, er, moderate epicurean or whatever), but I couldn’t help sneaking a few tastes of guaaahcamole, which was damn near calling my name. My neighbor Katie brought it, in all its smooth, spicy-creamy, green glory, and divulged a little secret – Frontera Guacamole Mix (which I’ve seen at Byerly’s in the Mexican food section). It’s damn goooooood, A+, go for it.

And after chatting with my neighbor Lindsay about all things food (including her recent trip to Napa and a recipe for black bean burgers that I hope to snag from her), I had to dig in to the amazing chewy, salty chocolate cookies that she brought – The. Kill. Chocolate + Salt = Perfection, which Lindsay knows – she had improved on a chocolate cookie recipe, by adding salt, to make them so killer. I’ll try to get that recipe too. Yeah, baby!

In summary… Yesterday = Cooper Cuteness + my stepdaughter’s middle school graduation (gorgeous) + baking Ranger Cookies for Nathan and Coop (yum). Today = ungodly, hot wind + more work on my screened porch + a decadent little swim, all to myself. Tomorrow = Friday Morning Coffee with Suz + Hijinxing with my Minxes!!! Holy Hell, what a nice end to the week, huh?

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