Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 22, 2007 at 10:34pm

Back to La Belle Vie, woo hoo! Man I love that place, love putting on 4-inch heels (that make me no less than 6’3″, no lie, good thing I like being a giant), dressing up a bit (sometimes it’s just time for a bit of cleavage, even if it’s, uh, rather minor), and hanging in the chic bar, eating fabulous (fab-u-lous!) food, drinking lovely wine… Love. It. Especially while eating lamb burgers – again – I couldn’t help but raving to John about how much each of our dads would love the La La La Belle VieLamb Brrrrger. Both lurvelamb, so both would mightily appreciate this seriously lamb-y, tender-tasty smokin’ hot sandwich, topped with a spicy pepper (more heat, hoooey!), with plenty of cool-n-creamy yogurt sauce, in a toasted buttery-crisp bun. Dang. Dang. Dang. It’s obscene, that thing, really. There are few things that I just need to close my eyes to eat and that friggin’ burger is one of them, I can’t stop thinking about it. Rarrr…

Well, perhaps I could stop thinking about it to appreciate my new necklace, the one I bought at the Edina Art Fair… The one Suz fought off the pushy-bitch-shopper for… The one that I get multiple compliments on when I don it (gotta love a piece that always garners the ‘pliments…) Hey, if you, like I, aren’t to-the-manor-born, then buy the (perhaps fake) jewels yourself! In moderation, of course. Yeah, baby!

Have a sunny weekend!

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