Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jun 25, 2007 at 6:51pm

Ouch. Tough exercising outside today, what with the high heat, thick haze, and an air-quality alert (uh, yuck). I could feel it, absolutely, even though I got out there in the morning. Sucking wind and pouring sweat, not a lovely sight, ha. But I was due, after my steaks-and-strawberry-shortcake sojourn. Yeah. Back to reality. Dang. Hey, it made for a lovely, refreshing (MUCH-needed) shower! I find my pleasures where I can. (A few stolen bites of the fresh peach with leftover whipped cream I made for Nathan today didn’t suck either…)

Like tonight – I didn’t have enough steak leftover to eat outright, so I sauteed lots of onion, pepper, garlic, and tomatoes with cumin and chili powder, tossed in the steak (very thinly sliced), and used the resulting spicy veggie-steak combo to make quesadillas. Flour tortillas, a bit of jack cheese, spritz of non-stick olive oil spray, toast until crisp, serve with lots of spicy salsa tempered with a few cool avocado slices. Fast, healthy, tasty – my favorite Triumvirate of Traits. Gooood stuff.

Gooood night.

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