Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 4, 2007 at 12:01pm

Happy 4th of July!

Looks to be a lovely day for barbecuing and hanging by the pool – good thing that’s our plan! Stacey and Cooper, and Suz, Cory, Vivian, and Sullivan are all coming later this afternoon for some food and fun before we head out on the golf course for fireworks. We didn’t know there were fireworks right here in the ‘hood the first summer we lived here, but we figured it out pretty fast as we were driving by the entire neighborhood walking toward our house! It’s so sweet – no parking, no traffic, just a bag of chips, a cold beer, some bug spray, a chair, and we’re out the door, yeeaah.

Simple food today – guaaaahcamole with chips and raw veggies (a nod to moderation; there, I’m done) at the pool; Suz’s deviled eggs (she’s the deviled egg queen, yum); grilled burgers and dogs with all the fixin’s (including a little guac that I set aside, there’s is nothing like guac on a burger, The Kill…); a big salad with grilled tomatoes and onions; and Suz’s blueberry kuchen for dessert. How fabulously, patriotically red (tomatoes), white (eggs), and blue (kuchen), eh? Hope you have plans for a tasty, Festive 4th as well!

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