Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Feb 14, 2006 at 10:15am

Happy VD! I’m very grateful to have a valentine on Valentine’s Day. I hated VD in college when I was broken-hearted over some dude, seeing couples walking arm-and-arm around the campus, blech. I’ve been hooked up pretty much solidly since then, ha, maybe it had more of an impact on me than I’ve realized! Being single can be crazy-fun, no doubt, and marriage can be hard as hell – again, no doubt – but I do enjoy being married. Most of the time. Hi John! I mean all of the time (except when you use my computer, I hate that)! You’re an awesome husband and I’m so glad we’re together! Happy Valentine’s Day to you all, single or married or something in-between.

I’m stealing this pic from Susie’s blog of our first recording session of Feminine Hijinx – how comfy cozy do we look, hanging in Suz and Cory’s basement, sipping wine and gabbing? The only sign that it’s a recording session is the microphones (no, I’m not eating mine, ha).

John forgot to take his cake to work today – uh oh! So far OK, not in a cake mood. I have my eye on leftover Bucatini all’Amatriciana for lunch, perhaps a little salad as well. Nice. So a VD lunch alone, then later I’ll pick up Nathan from school and get the scoop on his class party – a Hawaiian luau, cute idea, lots of fruit and summer clothes. Then time to get ready for our dinner out with Susie and Cory, Brian and Kim, woo hoo! The grownups go out for VD, it’s an event!

Our valentines (!), John, Cory, and Brian – woo hoo for great husbands! We had a blast at Wildire Grill, ate lots of yummy steak (I had a truly delicious and beefy NY Strip – when I announced, I’m having the NY Strip, Suz said, of course you are! Ha!), knocked off a few bottles of a lovely Australian Shiraz that I forgot to write down (too busy talking, of course), and laughed our asses off, as usual. Best VD I’ve had in years. Definitely had to chat about Feminine Hijinx, since Cory’s responsible for damn near the entire thing – recording, website, photos; and Brian has designed an incredibly cool logo. I’m so lucky to know these talented people, it pretty much blows me away. Wow. I’m taking a little moment here in my gratitude. Great friends are a real gift.

So, off to bed for me, and John and Nathan. Hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day too.

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  1. By Tickneen on February 14, 2006 at 3:06PM

    Hey, just cruisin by checkin out blogs. You sure like food! LOL, so do I. Cool blog. I saw you are a fellow Minnesotan so I thought I would stop and say hi. Stay warm!