Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Jul 16, 2007 at 4:54pm

More cucumber raita tonight (it’s so good, I made it again today; it’s my new favorite cucumber salad), this time alongside king crab legs. Can you tell I was needing some new grill subjects? The tandoori turkey breast tenderloinlast night was scrumptious, definitely a keeper. Tender and flavorful, John and I had an awful lot of fun eating it with said cukes and the peach-ginger chutney, on the porch, with some tunes and a nice white. Goooood night.

So, back to the crab, if you haven’t grilled king crab legs before, it’s an ocean breeze. Slash through the shell in several places (to make the eatin’ part a lot easier) and grill ’em on a hot grill for a total of about 10 minutes. Perhaps less. They don’t take long at all. And that is it, they’re that easy to prepare. Get crackin’ (along those slash marks you made) and you’ll be in heaven. I don’t even bother with butter or sauces – the meat is so sweet and tender, it really needs nothing at all. Except perhaps a side of cucumber raita, ha. I’m making a small tomato salad as well. Ah, summer food. Another goooood night.

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