Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 8, 2007 at 9:21pm

After Saturday’s Date Day and Monday’s Date Night, we’ve had a couple of days of very simple, low-key eating (and tough, tough walks and bike rides in this heat, makes me feel like I’ve hit a brick wall, ugh). Moderation, you know, ha – woo hoo! Mostly salads, although tonight I made a simple, garlicky, brothy shrimp sauce to toss with pasta. I sauteed spinach and ripe tomato as an optional add-in (we had both kids tonight, neither of whom would be thrilled to find wilted spinach in their pasta, ha) for John, Stacey, and me. Turned out light and so pretty, with pink shrimps, dark green spinach and fresh parsley, and red tomato, yum.

Tomorrow night, we’re back on for a bit of part-ay-ing. John’s partners Stu The Wine Genius, Bill, and Joe, with their wives Debbie, Karla, and Genie (respectively), are coming for a casual dinner. Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Tomatoes and Onion will be the main course, alongside creamy polenta and a medley of grilled vegetables. A nice tart for dessert, I think (can’t get enough of summer fruit desserts, rarrr…) Looking forward to it!

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