Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Feb 16, 2006 at 1:18pm

Home with Nathan again today – ugh, this time of year, everyone passing around germs at school! There are kids missing every day, it’s so frustrating. But, so it goes. He’s here, luckily with his backpack and work, so he’s doing homework all day. He’s not happy about it, at this very moment, but he will be when he’s finally caught up. Who knew 4th grade was so tough? Sheesh!

On a brighter note, we’re invited to Rudy Maxa and Ana Scofield’s for dinner tonight – woo hoo! Stu and Debbie Williams too. A little bird tells me that we’re having pate, crab cakes, slaw, and cheesecake, along with lovely wine, of course. Oh, a taste of summer! Love that menu! I’m cold and cranky sitting here and am seriously looking forward to a warm, yummy evening with friends. Can’t wait.

Now that I’ve polished off the last of the leftover popovers (had two for breakfast, warm, with blueberries and syrup, fab; one for lunch at room temp, little Hope Creamery butter, also fab), I’d better get back to helping my little Nate with his homework… And honestly, just because he’s feeling under-the-weather doesn’t mean that I can’t do some exercise. Right.

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