Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Aug 24, 2007 at 9:37am

Hello from East Hampton! We’re having a lovely vacation with my in-laws (Dot & John) this week, away from the rain and gloom in Minnesota. The drought is officially over, eh? Sheesh. It was raining here, too, when we arrived (on Tuesday). But the sun peeked through last evening and is shining still (at least this morning), so we’re all good, baby. Georgica Beach, here we come!

Grabbing some exercise here is a truly lovely experience – walking the mean streets (ha) of EH. The streets are grand tunnels of dappled tree-lined shade, peaceful and quiet and in full August bloom – basket-ball-sized hydrangeas, hydrangeas everywhere, blue and peaches-n-cream and pale green and pink and purple. Stunning. The houses – well, you could probably guess that in “The Hamptons,” the houses do not suck. Variations on a serene, cedar-shingled, white-trimmed theme. Mostly big (real big), some small and cottage-y, all chic beachy. Very Not Minnesota. Fabulous.

We don’t do the (famous) party scene here at all. We (happily, quietly) eat in every night, although I don’t do any cooking (my father-in-law does!), I just sit back and eat all the beautiful things that are served to me – yeah, it rawks, yay for vacation and a big, BIG woo hoo for foodie in-laws! Some of the best fresh produce in the world sweet corn, peaches, melons, tomatoes – is grown right here (it is truly rural out here) and it is glorious. Glorious! Little white peaches, three bites each, I could eat those babies all day long. The last bites of summer, I fear. Sigh.

So, I’m off for one of those walks. Gotta move my arse around a bit to earn the right to my evening meals and wine. So far I’ve enjoyed crab cakes, sweet corn, crispy chicken, brisket, tomato salad… Tonight, a cookout of burgers and Atlantic Golf Club ‘dogs. Tomorrow, tenderloin on the grill and more corn, corn, corn. NICE!

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  1. By maud on August 27, 2007 at 1:11PM

    nice pic of the beach, stephanie! sorry we missed you guys out there. next year...